AQM and ASM International form operating partnership in Europe
for metallurgical knowledge promotion

Fall class schedule available for new Italy location

AQM is proud to announce a new collaboration agreement with ASM International, the world largest association of metals-centric materials of engineers, scientists, technicians and educators. Through this new partnership, AQM, a primary technical services center with headquarters in Provaglio d'Iseo, has become an educational support location in Europe for ASM International. The first step of the new agreement is the planning of multiple courses using the Metallurgical Laboratories and the Metallography and the Heat Treatment Schools of AQM. The blended online and classroom courses provided by ASM International instructors this fall will allow European metallurgic attendees to optimize costs of travel and accommodation by attending a local course.

 “We hope this will help extend our global reach and fuel a passionate sense of community, energize members to aspire to new levels of success and advance the development of materials,” said Thom Passek, Managing Director of ASM International. “AQM has a similar mission and the goal of our collaboration is to ultimately elevate the importance of materials professions.”

“AQM has always supported the training and growth of technical competence in the field of metallurgy, believing that this is one of the key factors for competitive growth of enterprises,” stated Gabriele Ceselin, CEO of AQM. “The collaboration with ASM International will provide an additional impulse in this direction, promoting an approach at the highest level, and the access to innovative international relations.”

Topics of the educational courses include:

Under planning courses about:

  • Corrosion
  • Failure Analysis in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Practical interpretation of Microstructures
  • Principle of Failure Analysis
  • Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgist

Participants to the ASM International-AQM courses will receive a complimentary one year ASM International membership. This will allow participating students to share ideas and solutions with other members about technologies and application processes while building personal and professional networks around the world. They will also have free access to online journals and technical publications, as well as access to special offers available only to members.

The new ASM International-AQM training offer is intended to complement and reinforce the AQM Expertise Center’s "Materials and Quality Control of Products," which already has a full calendar of courses through the School of Metallography. Other programs available include:

  • Heat Treatment School certification of operator and technologist
  • Lab school certification of mechanical testing operators
  • Non-Destructive Testing School certification
  • International certification of professionals as a technician, analyst and defect failure analysis technician
  • Other courses on the various ferrous and non-ferrous metals and on management of testing and calibration laboratories

For more information and a special promotion code for discounted registration rates, contact Ms Nadia Zilio, Training Manager of AQM tel. 030.9291780 email


As the world’s largest l association of metals-centric materials engineers and scientists, ASM International is dedicated to informing, educating, and connecting the materials community. A member and volunteer based organization, ASM serves as a central resource that gathers the latest applied information from the field and disseminates it back to industry, academia, and government through published content, classes, conferences, expositions, and local chapter engagement.


Building area: The ASM International campus includes 45 acres and is on the National Register of Historic Places

          Members: more than 30,000

Employees: approx. 75

          Trainers:  approx. 25

Number of educational courses: approx.. 80

          Students per year: approx. 2,000


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AQM is a large technical services center based in Provaglio d’Iseo – BS - Italy offering technology,  management and organization services for production qualification and innovation.

Thanks to  in-depth knowledge of industrial materials and their production processes, equipped and advanced laboratories and  more than thirty years of experience, AQM is active for performing mechanical, corrosion, fatigue and verification TESTS, metallography, failures analysis, materials characterization, non-destructive tests . Moreover AQM is offering CONSULTING in quality, safety and environment, organization, industrial design, techniques for the development, processing and selection of materials and products, TRAINING for the introduction of new technologies and methods for the improvement of the quality of products and production processes and PUBLISHING documentation services and information.


Share Capital: 3,600,000.00  €

        Number of customers per year: more than 1,300

Building area: approx. 3,500 m2

          Aqm owners: 188

Number of orders per year: more than 4,500

          Turnover: approx. 5,000,000.00 €

Consultants and trainers:  approx. 30 working on a contract basis

          Employees: 48

Number of education courses: more than 250

          Number of courses per year: more than 210

Number of hours of training per student per year: more than 27.000

          Students per year: approx.. 1.300


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